Sail and Hiatus

A subtle reinvention of uses and designs marks ,Ovo’s new collections that are being introduce here. In the Vela (Sail) lamps, fabrics are no longer coverings and become narrative elements. Resting on metallic structures with marble bases, pieces of linen dyed in gradient colors reveal the chromatism within their weaves when exposed to light. In … Continued

obi wooden top

To bring high quality, aesthetic pleasing furniture pieces to collective use spaces: This is Luciana Martins and Gerson de Oliveira’s aim with their new ,Ovo Public division. For the launch, the duo created the Loop chair and the Obi line—composed of chair, table, stool, bookcase, and bench. These pieces of furniture are sturdy, comfortable, and … Continued


Goa is sofa made of two large volumes. The seat and its asymmetric shape offers different depths. The backrest develops into the armrest. The idea of this piece is to offer different kinds of seating and relaxing. For one person, two people, or more.

arranjos and rios

AR   Arranjos e Rio. [Arrangements and River.] Acrylic and raw stones. Two different materials with such diverse natures as part of the same exhibit. Acrylic is flat, industrial, homogenous. Stones have their own unique volumes, natural colors, rough surfaces. Acrylic is visually light, a material with a higher index of refraction, bright and see-through … Continued