Arranjos e Rio. [Arrangements and River.]

Acrylic and raw stones.

Two different materials with such diverse natures as part of the same exhibit.

Acrylic is flat, industrial, homogenous. Stones have their own unique volumes, natural colors, rough surfaces. Acrylic is visually light, a material with a higher index of refraction, bright and see-through as well; stones are impenetrable, heavy, insubordinate.

Arranjos e Rio. [Arrangements and River.]

In Arranjos [Arrangements], we work with horizontal and vertical planes. We have distinct shapes that together create a new shape, creating a new color in their intersections.

The work happens in the interaction between colors and shapes.

In the Rio [River] series there is dislocation; we take stones out of their natural environment and place them on bases molded specially for each stone. They do not, the bases conform to them, just like bodies do.

Bodies unite these pieces; the body staring at the tables while deciphering shapes and colors, the body trying to mold to the stones—either sitting, placing an elbow on it, or just leaning on it.

A body is seen as tinted behind the screen and thus is transformed.

In this territory between industrial and natural, the work of the designer develops. Our intention was to work with these two extremes, tensioning the relationship between them. We brought nature in its raw state to the main plane of this work; we often allude to nature in many different ways in other projects, such as our series Pedras [Stones], Campo [Field], and Paisagem [Landscape].

Bringing outside to inside; blurring boundaries, remembering the river.