Casa no Ceu, exhibition at Galeria Vermelho


Vermelho inaugurate n May 28th, from 7 pm to 10 pm, the group show Casa no Céu [House in the sky], in celebration of the artist Rochelle Costi (1961-2022) and also to pay a tribute to all the artists who, directly or indirectly, helped to make the gallery what it is today completed two decades of activating and distributing creative output.

The exhibition features works by 67 artists from different generations and from 18 different galleries, forming a constellation of affections and ideas from artists, friends, artist-friends and the São Paulo’s artistic circuit.

to Rochelle


In the Rio [River] series there is dislocation; we take stones out of their natural environment and place them on bases molded specially for each stone. They do not, the bases conform to them, just like bodies do. Bodies unite these pieces; shapes and colors, the body trying to mold to the stones—either sitting, placing an elbow on it, or just leaning on it.